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Security by Design

Discover how to protect yourself by applying security by design in software development.

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We seek to promote a solid security culture within organizations, facilitating the implementation of practices and processes that ensure the integrity and reliability of software from its conception to its deployment, providing important benefits such as:

Incident prevention from the source

Continuous improvement of security

Fostering a culture of security

Regulatory and compliance

Cost reduction


Services to coordinate security teams, ensure compliance and align security with business.

Technical training and education in secure software development

Training software development teams in the latest security techniques and practices applied to the software development process through hands-on training sessions. We provide developers with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, understand fundamental code security principles and apply preventative measures throughout the software development life cycle.

Implementing the Secure Software Development Life Cycle - SSDLC

Based on the OWASP SAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Model) framework, we guide software development teams in adopting a structured and systematic approach to integrate security into all stages of the software development lifecycle.

We work closely with development and security teams to assess the current state of security, identify areas for improvement and define a customized action plan that aligns with the organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Our approach focuses on continuous improvement and adaptability, ensuring that secure software development practices develop in accordance with the demands of a changing environment.

Evaluation of development teams and software vendors

Through a thorough and detailed assessment of the security practices implemented at each stage of the software development process, we identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, and recommend strategies and solutions to help strengthen security throughout the development life cycle.

By providing a comprehensive and customized assessment, we help organizations improve their security, reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their software applications and systems.

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With our solutions we provide solid and effective answers to mitigate risks, thus strengthening the security of software projects and ensuring the integrity of the code at every stage of its development.

Yellow Team as a Service (YTaaS)

Specialized software development security management office that analyzes and evaluates the security practices of an organization’s software development teams and software vendors.

The service makes it easier for organizations to keep their external developments and collaborations in line with security best practices, minimizing risks and strengthening their overall cybersecurity.

Challenge DevSec Developer Training.

We help software development teams to become aware of the vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities of their software.

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Knowing who to trust is even more important.