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"We believe that cybersecurity is not a matter of machines, but of people".

In this era of dizzying and relentless change in technology, security is critical.

At BeOneSec we look at the world differently and use our knowledge and capabilities as a means to reach #cyberpeace and #cybersilence for people, their organizations and their environments.

Holistic approach

A solution adapted to each context and each situation

Red Team Pack


Red Team

Do you want to know how your organization would respond to a threat?

With our Red Team Services, we simulate sophisticated and realistic attacks.

In order to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate security and test your organization’s ability to respond to cybersecurity threats.

We use a combination of hacking, social engineering and stress testing techniques to do so.

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Blue Team

Do you want to know how to defend your organization against cybersecurity threats with Blue Team Services?

We defend and protect services, systems and networks from cybersecurity threats. To do so, we implement defense strategies, infrastructure tightening, monitoring, detection and response to threats. All of them to be combined with Red Team Services, which aim to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

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Blue Team Pack
Yellow Team Pack


Yellow Team

Do you want to know how to prevent cybersecurity problems?

Yellow Team Services enhance cooperation and knowledge sharing between software development teams and security teams through the implementation of secure software development maturity models (SSDLC).

Collaboration is key for attack avoidance efforts.

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White Team

Do you want to know how to align cybersecurity with your organization’s strategy?

With White Team Services we help coordinate security teams, establish strategies, ensure compliance with applicable regulations and align governance requirements with the organization.

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White team pack

A proactive attitude

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CEH Certified

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eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester

Cybersecurity Foundation Professional Certificate CSFPC

Cyber Security Foundation Professional Certificate – Certiprof

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Certified Threat Hunting Professional

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Our passion emanates from who we are, not what we sell

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We collaborate with the #cyberpeace of our customers.

Trust is a challenge. Knowing who to trust is even more so.

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