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Discover how to anticipate, detect and respond to cyber threats.


The main purpose is to support and inform decision making with data and information, providing the ability to anticipate, detect, and respond effectively to potential risks to improve business continuity.

Preventing, detecting and understanding cyberthreats

Early detection of own or third party compromises and leaks / Credential Intelligence

Risk assessment / Due Diligence.

Understanding the general and specific Cyberthreat Landscape

Incident Response Complement

Competitive analysis


Optimization and improvement of capabilities in Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Ad-hoc eventuality analysis.


Services to analyse and contextualise information in order to prevent, anticipate, and mitigate attacks on the organisation.


This service aims to provide answers to the five classic questions of Western philosophy regarding an organization’s exposure to cyber threats:

  • Whose objective am I or can I be? Who are my adversaries?
  • Why?
  • What can you or they do against me?
  • When can these attacks be orchestrated?
  • How can they be carried out?

For this purpose, information related to any organization is extracted, collected and analyzed in the ‘three surfaces’ of the Internet commonly referred to as Surface, Deep and Dark Web where the intention is to find latent or already-completed threats.


Through continuous monitoring of networks and systems, along with in-depth analysis of Threat Actor Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, the Counterintelligence service works to create a competitive edge to ensure the Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability of an Organization’s critical information assets.

Counterintelligence activities are specifically designed to combat industrial espionage, insiders, information leaks and disinformation campaigns, among others.

Threat Intelligence

This service seeks to bring a deep understanding of the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by existing Cyber Threats and requires mature Cyber Defense capabilities.

The combination of malware analysis, to unravel the behavior and purpose of malicious software, with threat hunting, focused on detecting and mitigating threats before they cause harm, enables an organization to strengthen its security posture by adapting its defenses to emerging and sophisticated threats, thus ensuring more effective protection and agile response to cybersecurity incidents.

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Trusting is a challenge. Knowing who to trust is even more important.

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Trusting is a challenge.

Knowing who to trust is even more important.