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Defensive Security

Proactive strategy for defense against cyber threats.

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To strengthen your organisation’s cybersecurity and provide you with the peace of mind and confidence you need to operate in today’s environment, we seek not only to protect your assets and data but also to orient your security attitude towards a proactive perspective.

Detect and respond to security incidents.

Protect against internal and external threats.

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Implement security measures.

Promote cybersecurity awareness and training.

Continuous safety assessment.


Services to defend and protect services, systems, and networks from cybersecurity threats.

Defensive Counseling

Service that offers specialized and strategic management to reinforce the security of the organization. This process begins with a thorough analysis of the organization’s digital infrastructure, detecting possible weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Based on this assessment, we provide concrete recommendations for implementing defensive strategies that fit the specific needs of the organization, its size and the sector in which it operates.


Through hardening we seek to strengthen and secure the configuration of services, systems, configurations, networks and servers to mitigate risk and defend against potential security threats.

The implementation of security policies reduces the vulnerability of equipment to external attacks, unauthorized intrusions and even internal attacks.

By addressing these critical areas, the safety and security of these environments is greatly enhanced, reducing the likelihood of security incidents and ensuring efficient and safe use of the assets involved.

Forensic Analysis

We investigate and analyze incidents and attacks to gather evidence to understand the nature and extent of the problem.

This analysis is carried out using specialized techniques to identify the origin, the techniques used and the possible security implications of the incident for the organization. In addition, we seek to determine the actions taken by the attackers and assess the impact on the affected assets.

With this information it is possible to provide an effective response and mitigate the damage caused, as well as prevent future incidents by identifying and correcting exploited vulnerabilities, thus helping to strengthen the organization’s resilience to cyber-attacks.

Incident Response

Security incident response service in which a specialized team of cybersecurity experts is mobilized to take control of the situation to isolate the incident and respond to the threat while minimizing both costs and business disruption.

The service mobilizes experts in different security areas that are necessary in the response such as cyber intelligence, defense, forensics, communication or regulatory field.

Its objective is to minimize the impact of incidents, identify and neutralize threats quickly and effectively, and restore the integrity of affected systems.

24x7 Incident Response Service

We guarantee an immediate and adapted response to cybersecurity incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is at the highest level of response capability and is intended to address complex, high-severity incidents requiring immediate intervention.

The service features immediate triage and activation of a full team of expert cybersecurity analysts in less than 2 hours.

Its objective is to minimize the impact of incidents, identify and neutralize threats quickly and effectively, and restore the integrity of affected systems.

Awareness Campaigns

With the aim of fostering a culture of #cybertranquility within organizations we design campaigns to educate and raise awareness of cybersecurity best practices.

These campaigns typically include a variety of activities and materials, such as training sessions, e-mails and/or newsletters, videos and simulations of phishing, spear phishing, smishing, vishing, etc.

By increasing the knowledge and vigilance of the people involved in the organization, the risk of security breaches is reduced and the overall security structure is strengthened.

Defensive Technical Training

We train cybersecurity professionals in advanced technical skills to effectively protect the organization’s systems, services and networks. These trainings cover a wide range of topics adapted to the needs of both the profiles and the organization.

The main objective is to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively identify, prevent and respond to potential attacks.

Training sessions are presented in a practical manner, using real-life scenarios and security tools to enhance understanding and the ability to apply the concepts learned.

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Being aware of our weaknesses, is already 50% of the  solution.

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Solutions seeking to anticipate security threats and effectively detect and respond to security incidents.

Threat Hunting as a Service (THaaS)

Proactive detection and neutralization of hidden cyber threats in an organization’s network through the use of advanced data and behavioral analysis techniques. To this end, we continuously monitor the organization’s infrastructure for potential indicators of compromise and hazardous activities.

Annonyx (Massive Information Anonymization Platform) 

We protect the privacy and confidentiality of an organization’s sensitive data by transforming information into anonymized data on a large scale. This platform allows the organization to securely share and analyze data while minimizing the risk of exposure of sensitive information.

Digital Surveillance/ Attack Surface Management

We monitor the organization’s digital activities to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in its infrastructure, thus providing a detailed view of its digital exposure and enabling the implementation of preventive and corrective measures to achieve a proactive and cyber-tranquility approach.

Trusting is a challenge.

Knowing who to trust is even more.